13 Best Cardboard Cutters – Choose the Best Cutting Knife

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We regularly need to cut cardboard for different reasons and without the correct cutter, this can be extremely dubious. A great deal will rely on the thickness of the cardboard. Except if it is thin, scissors won’t function well. It is additionally imperative to see how perfect you require the ending to be. If it is for a school venture or an art piece or other hobby work, you need spotless, ideal lines with a good finish. If you require a bulk cardboard cut for packaging or similar reasons, the slice shouldn’t be as perfect.

Cardboard cutters are fundamental in the work environment, yet in the event that you aren’t cautious, they can without much of a stretch lead to wounds. A large number of these wounds result in lost time, lost efficiency and lost benefits. If you are worried about work environment wounds related to cardboard cutters, you’ll be happy to realize that with the correct cutter, they are truly preventable.

Best Cardboard Cutters List with Details

Let’s look at some of the best cardboard cutters in more detail:

01. S4 Safety Cutter

The Safety Cutter for right-handers has been planned and created because of the immediate feedback from safety experts. The S4 highlights a shorter, slimmer, more ergonomic handle than its past models. Some of the salient features incorporate an easier sharp edge change release switch, and another shorter, a see-through body for fast inspection of blade levels, a single-notch edge that reduces of any plausibility of misalignment when loading replacement blades.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Secure cutter for right-handers
  • Blade change safety release switch
  • Flexible smaller ergonomic handle with safety grasp ribs
  • Tape notch
  • Perpetual, rough steel protection with safety blade view slot
  • Top cut and two trays cut positions
  • Decrease mishaps and related expenses
  • Compartment for blade storage
  • Lower damaged stock
  • Low cutter turnover

02. S7 3-in-1 Safety Cutter Self-Retracting Blade w/Guard, Splitter, Hook

This advanced shaper is furnished with an enduring, tough, cast metal blade guard framework, planned explicitly for consistent or occasional best cutting of containers and boxes. It likewise includes a few extra safety features all through. The safety guard activation framework securely expands the blade and guard in tandem, ensuring against uncovered blade gashes, while cutting. The spring-back activity wipes out the danger of cutter wounds, which at last builds benefits and eliminates medicinal protection claims.

Planned as a universal right and left-handed cutter, the S7 3-in-1 Safety Cutter very well may be changed from right to left hand easily. Increase profit utilising a solitary, 3-in-1 device, that is prepared to deal with the most requesting stocking and distribution centre tasks productively.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Blunt security tip blade avoids cut injuries/damaged stock
  • Long-lasting cast metal blade guard system  
  • Universal cutter is intended for both left and right-handed use
  • Incorporates an extra blade holder
  • Incorporates a 3 position edge extension framework for most extreme, medium and minimum edge depth
  • Outfitted with a tape splitter and a fold out film shaper for cutting shrink wrap

03. CU Safety Utility Knife

The CU safety utility blade is intended to decrease recordable wounds from cuts. The auto-retracting blade guard snaps over the blade when the cut is finished, shielding the client from contact with the blade. The creative structure of the CU safety blade basically eliminates treatment of loose blades and blade changes. Since there are no loose blades to stress over, this blade keeps loose blades from contaminating items, foods, and clients in the nourishment service and retail businesses. Safe, easy to understand and unmistakably visible, the CU semi-disposable safety utility blade can be securely utilised for general duty cutting applications in numerous works including healthcare, retail, grocery, food processing, etc.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Licensed safety monitor framework locks and ensures clients after each cut
  • Erosion safe treated steel blade
  • Clear auto-retracting blade guard shields client from cuts  
  • Ergonomically structured light-weight handle
  • Helpful tape cutter fused into the handle
  • High visibility
  • Hole in handle for connection of the optional cord

04. FERRET Safety Trigger Knife

The FERRET Safety Trigger Knife by Mure and Peyrot highlights and a flexible, retractable blade. With an in-out development, the blade withdraws rapidly and effortlessly by discharging the trigger. Lightweight, ergonomic, and able to use both hands, this blade is additionally flexible, reversible, and highlights an effectively replaceable sharp edge. For included strength, the cutting edge is metal-fortified.

Some of the additional features of the Ferret Safety Trigger Knife are:

  • Ergonomic handle
  • Expansive space near blade to avoid blockage
  • Inward pull back spring
  • Movable blade length
  • Trigger swivel stick
  • Front reinforcement
  • Locking slider

05. Martor MARTego Safety Knife with Auto-Retractable Safety Blade, Aluminium

Intended to build efficiency while keeping up a protected situation, the Martor MARTego safety blade is furnished with an automatic blade retraction framework. Essentially you can start a cut and once contact is lost with the product, the blade will consequently withdraw whether you’ve discharged the trigger or not, making it the perfect security cut for any home or work environment. An aluminium universally useful cutting apparatus, the MARTego safety knife is ideal for slicing through the tape, cardboard, shrink wrap, packing straps, stretch wrap and much more.

Some of the additional features are:

  • An ergonomic crush handle offers ideal cutting for both left and right-hander
  • Ineluctable edge retraction (IBR) innovation eliminates every cutting damage
  • Blade retracts once contact with the item is lost, regardless of whether the trigger remains pressed
  • Speedy and simple cutting edge change: no unique apparatus required and no dismantling the blade
  • A twofold edged blade offers fourfold the utilisation, saving you cash
  • Uses Solingen great steel blade
  • Security button shields the edge from being unexpectedly broadened
  • Made up of aluminium

06. Martor Merak Safety Knife with Auto-Retractable Blade, Polycarbonate

Intended to expand profitability while keeping up a safe environment, the Martor Merak safety blade is outfitted with an automatic cutting edge retraction framework. Basically, you can start a cut and once contact is lost with the item, the sharp edge will naturally withdraw whether you’ve discharged the trigger or not, making it the perfect security cut for any home or work environment. A polycarbonate generally useful cutting apparatus, the Merak safety blade is ideal for slicing through the tape, cardboard, shrink wrap, packing strap, stretch wrap and much more.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Ineluctable sharp edge retraction (IBR) innovation eliminates all cutting wounds
  • Blade retracts once contact with the item is lost, regardless of whether the trigger remains crushed
  • An ergonomic press handle offers ideal cutting for both left and right-hander
  • Fast and simple edge change: no exceptional apparatus required and no destroying the blade
  • A two-fold edged sharp edge offers fourfold the utilisation, sparing you cash
  • Uses Solingen top notch steel sharp blades
  • Safety button shields the blade from being inadvertently broadened
  • Made up of polycarbonate

07. Cardboard Cutter “Dan Chan”

The cardboard shaper “Dan Chan” is perfect for cutting plastic tape, cardboard box, stretch wrap, packing strap and more. It has an overall length of 7.48″ inches. With the blade length of 2.95 inches, the cardboard cutter is made up of stainless steel blade or PP plastic handle.

Some of the salient features of the cardboard cutter are:

  • Nonstick covering keeps tapes and adhesives from sticking
  • Serrated Double edge permits cutting upwards or downwards/Ideal for cutting packaging ties
  • Magnificent mobility when cutting cardboard/Can even make clean round cuts
  • Fine sawtooth edge keeps cutting edge from getting captured not at all like ordinary utility edges
  • Anti-Slip handle with cross-guard allows for easier grip And safer handling
  • Rounded chisel edged tip is perfect for stripping off labels, making shallow cuts, or for scouring cardboard (valuable while resizing cardboard boxes)

08. Martor Megasafe Safety Knife with Retractable Safety Blade, Aluminium, Blunt Tip

Intended to build efficiency while keeping up a protected domain, the Martor Megasafe safety cut is furnished with an automatic cutting edge retraction system. You can start a cut and once contact is lost with the item, the blade will naturally withdraw whether you’ve discharged the trigger or not, making it the perfect safety cut for any home or working environment. An aluminium broadly useful cutting device, the Megasafe safety blade slices through the tape, cardboard, shrink wrap, and considerably more. The Megasafe comes standard with an unpolished tipped edge offering extra security.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Ineluctable blade retraction (IBR) innovation eliminates almost all cutting wounds
  • Cutting edge withdraws once contact with the item is lost, regardless of whether the trigger remains pressed
  • When starting to cut, you can discharge the blade
  • An ergonomic handle offers ideal cutting for both left and right-hander
  • Speedy and simple blade change: no exceptional instrument required and no destroying the blade
  • The blade has blunted tips offering extra safety
  • Slices through shrink wrap, cardboard, tying, box tape, banding, and removes shipping marks effortlessly
  • Made of aluminium

09. QuickBlade® Autoloading Utility Knife

The QuickBlade Autoloading Utility Knife has a slider handle that automatically loads another blade. It has a side stacking 5 blade chamber. There are no parts to lose. The ergonomic handle has an elastic grasp. The QuickBlade® auto loading utility blade makes your activity simpler and more secure as well. The vigorous zinc bites the dust cast and powder covered handle is a device to keep for a lifetime. The key auto-stacking highlight empowers blade change like a flash. Simply remove the blade from the front, at that point withdraw the slider into the handle and load another blade.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Incorporates 5 free blades
  • Helpful 5 blades stockpiling compartment
  • No apparatus for blade change
  • Powder coated finish
  • Form-fitting handle
  • Speedy blade change

10. S8 Ambidextrous Safety Cutter with Fixed Metal Guards

The S8 Ambidextrous Safety Cutter from Pacific Handy Cutter gives the most recent progress in cutting the cardboard safely. The adaptability of this blade enables you to securely achieve more assignments with a solitary cutting instrument. The S8 is able to use both hands for both right and left-handed people. Its extraordinary winding instrument re-shapes the handle for an ergonomic fit regardless of which hand you use.

The S8’s double settled steel watch won’t flex, curve, or break shielding the client from expensive extremely sharp edge wounds. The steel protects likewise fills in as a successful guide so you can make the ideal cut without fail. The exceptional point of the blade abstains from damaging the substance inside the case. Also, this versatile safety blade has three sharp edge depth positions to expand productivity; top cut, shallow tray cut and a deep cut. Clients additionally find that using the rock-solid tape splitter while opening boxes further forestall wounds and expands the life of the blades.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Unique twist and turn structure for both left and right-hand clients
  • Double settled steel safety protect
  • 3 sharp edge depth positions for best cuts, shallow plate cuts, and deep cuts
  • Coordinated hardcore tape splitter
  • Device-free blade change
  • Incorporates one SP-017 Safety Point Blade
  • Holds 5 extra blades

11. The Lizard Safety Cutter, High Visibility

Eliminate wounds in the working environment as well as resulting legal and medical expenses by utilizing the semi-disposable Lizard Safety Utility Knife. It has an extraordinary design which averts cuts and lacerations. Normal utility blades can cause wounds while cutting or replacing blades. The Lizard aids the avoidance of both these potential outcomes. The Lizard’s protected structure has a retractable edge cover that locks securely over into place in the wake of cutting, leaving no free or uncovered edges. The blade of the Lizard sticks to the handle of the blade so when the edge dulls, you have to discard the whole Lizard cut. There will never be any need to contact or change the blade.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Break and Corrosion Resistant Blades – Specially defined careful tempered steel
  • Automatic Retractable safety Blade Guard – Maximises user protection during and after use
  • Organization – Manufactured with high-impact, shatterproof, lightweight materials
  • High visibility color to limit losing the blade
  • Ergonomically designed handle furnishes an easy to use the grip with a Safety Finger Stop and non-slip surface for better control while cutting

12. S5 3-in-1 Safety Box Cutter, Tape Splitter & Film, Right Handed

The new S5 Safety Carton Cutter for a right-hander is 3 apparatuses in 1: Box Cutter, Tape Splitter and Film Cutter. The newly coordinated film shaper and tape splitter enhance specialist productivity. The S5 utilizes standard SP-017 licensed single-score safety blades for exact cuts. The blunt safety tip blade helps cut injuries and damaged stock.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Most ideal for right-hander
  • Incorporated replaceable film shaper
  • Ergonomic handle for an extensive variety of clients
  • Blade storage compartment
  • Enhanced blade change discharge switch
  • Ergonomic working catch has positions for plate cuts and best cuts
  • Tape splitter and best cut safety blade
  • Incorporates 1 free blade

13. Touch-Knife Multi-Purpose, Self-Retracting, Safety Knife

The OLFA Touch-Knife® is a pocket-sized, multi-reason cut including a stainless steel blade, edge slide-bolt, a hanging gap to effectively slide onto your keychain. Additionally, it advantageously fits in your pocket, tote, work area or glove compartment. The stainless steel blade can be effortlessly cleaned as it is resistant to corrosion or rusting related with an introduction to water and moist air. Used for a huge number of uses – cutting paper, threading, angling line, string, rope, opening boxes, plastic bundles, clamshells and jewel cases, and so forth.

The safety blade cuts rapidly and easily and makes changing out dull blades more secure. The brisk change catch enables you to just slide the sharp blade effortlessly, yet it connects just when the collapsing activity is at a 45° edge to keep cutting edges from slipping out amid use.

Some of the additional features are:

  • Self-retracting spring activity returns blade securely into the housing when you are not using it
  • Interlocking nose diminishes cutting edge wobble
  • Ergonomic grasp fits serenely in the hand
  • Two sharp edge positions – 2 mm augmentation for box cutting and full expansion for general use
  • Apparatus free blade changes


Students, homeowners, and office workers can utilize various knives such as construction knife, and a craft knife to cut the cardboard. They heavily depend on cutting tools to be safe, sharp and as effective as possible. You can use these knives in all types of environmental conditions to cut a wide variety of materials. Rather than grabbing the best possible strong knife, it is always advisable to know the benefits of different handle features, and the type of knife style one can choose for different material.

Cardboard cutters are an unquestionable requirement, however, that doesn’t imply that there is anything but a more secure, progressively viable choice out there. Do your part to lessen wounds in your work and the personal environment by protecting your people with proper cardboard box cutters! When you need box cutters to protect your items and people, set aside your opportunity to decide for a superior cardboard cutter for you!


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