How to Dry a Wet Cardboard Box?

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Every one of us had been there. We have placed things into a storage facility, garage, rental unit supposing to get around to fix things up before bad climate soaks in. Only to return after weeks and/or months to find the items that were once important, is now moist, drenching wet, or mildew covered. What’s more, it makes you extremely upset to discard that stuff. But, do you truly need to discard it since it is wet and smells bad? Trust it, there are a couple of things you can do to dry up your wet cardboard box.

How to dry a wet cardboard box? The reliable strategy for drying a wet box is air drying, which is easy and clutter free. Another technique that will work is to freeze the materials as quickly as possible, and afterward remove them from the cooler in little groups and air dry them.

Corrugated “cardboard” boxes are no special case. The porosity of wood strands, which is the thing that corrugated boxes are made of, enables it to retain and discharge moisture, a process that is known as hygroscopy. You need to do your best to keep boxes moderately dry since moisture can hugely affect their performance. What’s more, sadly, moisture is one factor that can’t generally be controlled.

How to protect a cardboard box from the water

To keep this damage from happening, here are a couple of ways you can shield a cardboard box from the water:

Laminated cover:

You can utilize laminated cover so as to shield a cardboard box from the water. Get laminated sheets that are sufficiently large to cover the top, bottom, and sides of your cardboard box. Moreover, ensure they are stuck down without leaving any air pockets. This is an extraordinary method to diminish water harm on cardboard boxes.

Pallet Wrapping:

One can utilize various other plastic packaging supplies to shield a cardboard box from the water. If a crate should be fixed and won’t be opened until reaching a place, at that point this method comes handy. Pallet wrapping cardboard with clear plastic sheets will help you protect the cardboard from the water.

Bubble protection:

This is another option to keep your cardboard wet free. Firmly wrapped air pocket wrap can likewise shield your cardboard box from the water, while additionally securing the box with its bubble protection tech.

Rubber coating:

Basically, buy a rubber treated covering to shield a cardboard box from water damage. A rubber treated covering can be obtained from various hardware shops and paint shops. A thin, dried layer of rubberized covering on the box will protect it from water sprinklers and even rain.

Air drying:

The time-tested technique for drying wet cardboard is air drying. It is also one of the easiest methods to get rid of moisture. Air Drying has been the technique for little water-related episodes. Air-drying offers the security and protection controls that are regularly required in this process. It enables to separate materials that may require special care, for example, covered papers, material, or photographs. Plus, it provides direct checking of the original order, enabling you to keep up intellectual control.

Freezing of materials:

Another strategy that will work is to freeze the materials at the earliest opportunity and afterward remove them from the cooler in little clumps and air dry them. You just need to take care of the time period it takes to dry out the vast amount of materials.

It is the drying strategy for extensive amounts of wet materials. It results in the least amount of twisting, blocking the need to re-label materials. Freezing immobilizes water to limit consumption from metal fasteners. Solvent media won’t move once the cardboard box is solidified or during drying procedure, covered papers won’t stick.


Use the dehumidification-drying method to get better outcomes in drying wet boxes. It enables access to the materials amid the drying procedure, whenever wanted or required. Dehumidification can be performed nearby with gear leased from a vendor. Drying strategies can be done in-house by experts from the drying services. Drying is finished in a few days, depending upon the underlying level of wetness of materials.

How to moisture control in the storage area

  • Regardless of whether you simply have an open-air shed, there are things you can do to help keep your stuff dry. For instance, if you have a dirty floor, consider stacking things on wooden pallets. Lay some plastic over the pallets to protect everything stacked from moisture in the ground.
  • Next, put some DampRid containers in your storage space. Regardless of whether you lease storage space from a storage place, you may find that moisture from your put away things spread around and develops mildew and mold. DampRid can last up to 2 years before every one of the gems should be replaced, depending upon how much moisture you are managing.
  • Additionally, consider paying some additional for an air-conditioned unit if you are leasing storage room. The cooling may be cut out amid a storm or natural calamity, so despite everything you need to utilize moistness control strategies when the power is out. Moreover, cooling units protect your things much superior to units without cooling.
  • By introducing the corrugated board moisture sensor, a manufacturer can persistently monitor the procedure and can control the corrugated board moisture content in liner, medium or face areas, either automatically or manually. 

Advantages of corrugated cardboard moisture control

In the corrugated cardboard, moisture control is basic during the manufacturing procedure. Being such a porous material, the corrugated cardboard can without much of a stretch turn out to be excessively wet or dry, thus, wasting the manufacturers time and cash. Also, by controlling moisture, both top, bottom and face material corrugators can eliminate the curliness. You can likewise utilize moisture sensor which is in a perfect world suited to quantify the ridged board moisture levels in the board layering process while improving fabricates item quality and brings down their energy costs.

Some of the benefits of using corrugated cardboard moisture control are:

  • It helps to improve product quality. Using moisture control can check the moisture level in the cardboard box easily and help to keep them dry.
  • A corrugated cardboard moisture control can drive your energy consumption costs down.
  • Using proper corrugated cardboard moisture control will help you generate fewer waste materials. This will also enable you to gain more profitable outcomes.
  • Using a customized moisture control system helps in preventing downtimes associated usually with the malfunctioning and outdated equipment.

Related Questions

  • Can I dry the wet cardboard box on my own, or do I need professional help?
    Many of us are staggeringly independent, provoking us to not look for assistance from a specialist quickly. But, using a specialist help can keep you away from a few issues such as a risk of mold formation, and inability to see the total damage.
  • If a cardboard box has been wet and then dried out, is it less durable?
    Cardboard is a live material. This implies that it changes over time, and in addition, is affected by climate conditions. It may be worn out after some time, yet it shouldn’t lose the durability.
  • Can you dry a wet cardboard box using a hair dryer?
    Yes, you can use a hair dryer to dry your wet cardboard box. But, it is a very much time-consuming process. Because the dryer can dry a small portion of cardboard at a single point of time.
  • If the wet cardboard boxes are to damage to dry, is it possible to recycle the box or just dispose of it?
    It relies upon how dirty they got. If there was dirt on the floor and the boxes got grimy and also wet, you should toss them out. All together for cardboard to reuse, it must be clean. If you are in uncertainty, put the boxes out. There is no sense in making the entire load dirty.
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Cardboard boxes are a modern day’s harbinger of delight! Everybody gets a little excited to discover boxed Amazon bundles, a membership benefit box or something different they requested outside their door. The corrugated cardboard box is of more benefit when dry in nature, other than wet. It is necessary to protect your cardboard box from water by utilizing any of the above systems. Corrugated cardboard boxes pretty much effectively protect your assets from danger.

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