Top Cardboard Box Manufacturers and Suppliers in USA

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The cardboard box market in the US is set to develop consistently in the forecast time frame. The lightweight and biodegradable nature of layered boxes is the reason behind the development of this market. The development of import and export in the US drives the requirement of packaging in the worldwide market. The development of the organised sector and e-commerce business are additionally significant drivers for the US box market.

The worldwide box market is driven by a huge number of factors. From recycling of boxes, to solid development in the food & beverage industry and electronic goods businesses, there are many factors. Rising e-commerce business industry and expanding interest for packing item present an opportunity for this market to develop in future. The boxes is seeing demand, all thanks to the rise in manufacturing activities. In any case, factors, for example, higher raw material costs can reduce the development of this market.

List of top cardboard manufacturers in the US

01. Jamestown Container Companies, Buffalo, NY

Jamestown Container Companies has been creating packaging solutions for their clients since 1956. The group is focused to help their clients productive so they can put back more time to their business. They are something other than just a box organisation. By tuning in and understanding the customer circumstance, they can take packaging further and make a custom solution for your business. Whatever you need to pack, whatever its size and weight, at Jamestown Container Companies you will discover a bundle to dispatch it in. What’s more, you can find full boxes, envelopes, mailers, and cylinders in each size and shape you can imagine. Get them a test and they will discover an answer. Their offices are situated in and around New York and Ohio, and together they work as one.

02. Western Container Corp., Beloit, WI

Utilise boxes from Western Container Corp; they are altogether 100% recyclable. Ensure your vast shipments with freight compartments! Cardboard boxes are the business standard! All containers are developed from solid Kraft creased. Clients can likewise arrange in a package or bunch amounts. There are 100’s of sizes to browse from at Western Container Corporation! Numerous standard airship cargo compartments are likewise accessible. It’s excessively simple to pack.

03. Associated Bags

Associated bags are one of the best makers of cardboard boxes in the USA. They believe in providing extensive variety of high quality boxes and excellent customer service to clients from various businesses. Their half-year quotes is unequalled in the cardboard box industry. This gives their clients the ease to arrange at whatever time point is best for them. Their line of boxes incorporates delivering boxes, and that’s just the beginning. Contact Associated Bags today!

04. Citation Box & Paper Co.

Citation Box and Paper Company offers the biggest selection of packaging materials, stock boxes, and transportation supplies in Chicago. Their cardboard boxes can’t be topped! Since 1951 they have put forth items that the competition can’t match. Citation Box and Paper Company have over a century of field industry experience. They have it all they need to give to their customers! They have cardboard boxes in all shapes and sizes. Plus, they are certain to have the correct item that you have been scanning for! To get more information, you are only a click away from your favourite cardboard box maker.

05. Lawrence Paper Company

On the off chance, you need a durable cardboard box, you have come to the most rightful place. Call Lawrence Paper Company today! They started their journey by selling protective paper wraps for whiskey bottles. And, now they are providing layered boxes to the blooming home packaging market. Lawrence Paper company has seen it all- through war and harmony, happy times and busts. They have always been here to address the needs of organisation around the Midwest and the nation over. They offer a huge variety of solutions and have staff to meet the customer needs. These items will keep going for a long time to come. Moreover, they intend to work with clients at all times. Lawrence Paper Company can configuration, print, crease and shape cardboard boxes into sculpted retail displays that offer form to the dream and fulfil the need.

06. York Container

Since 1954, York has been the main hotspot for cardboard boxes. From making sheet stock to giving accuracy, close resistance, structurally sound finished items, York Container will address every client’s issue. Moreover, York offers in-line printing, coating, gluing and more. With new advances and better services, York is on top of things against the majority of its rivals. York Container is a private, family-claimed business serving the  packaging needs of clients in the Mid-Atlantic area since 1954. As an Independent Converter, they work in customary brown box packaging, and in addition multicoloured display and retail-prepared packaging. They offer full-service structural design, graphics and engineering help to support their clients.

07. Shillington Box

Shillington Box Company of St. Louis, in business since 1906, is one of the main cardboard box makers in the USA. They supply an assortment of standardised and custom cardboard box items and mailers to organisations across the nation. With a long history of innovative boxes for transporting, storage, and warehousing, Shillington Box Company of St. Louis is centrally located to meet the unique needs of an extensive variety of businesses and organisations. Shillington Box Company is focused on the sustainable assembling of cardboard boxes, storage and shipping materials, mailers, or even creating cardboard boxes that meet some perilous material storage necessities. They fabricate single-wall, triple wall and double walled layered boxes, mailers, envelopes and specially crafted or branded transporting materials for an extensive variety of usage.

08. Georgia-Pacific

Georgia-Pacific is a maker of paper items and offers different products, for example, tissues, napkin, towel, disposable cutlery, diapers, facial tissues, mugs and plates, insulation, foundry, metalworking, mining, and packaging. It gives packaging solutions through Georgia-Pacific packaging and cellulose business unit that offers fiber-based solutions. The organisation manufactures speciality packaging items and standard containers for different ventures. Georgia-Pacific LLC is an American pulp and paper organisation situated in Atlanta, Georgia. It is one of the world’s biggest makers and distributors of tissue, paper, pulp, paper towel dispensers, packaging, and building items.

09. International Paper

International Paper produces boxes relying upon the necessities of clients in transportation and safety regulations. The organisation is into various sorts of business, for example, assembling of sheets, layers general bundling, protein bundling for solidified and refrigerated items, mass bundling, electronic bundling, and layered produce packaging. Headquartered in Tennessee, International Paper utilises roughly 52,000 individuals worldwide and is strategically situated in more than 24 nations serving clients around the world.

10. KapStone

The company manufactures and sells items, containerboard, and speciality paper for the consumer and industrial markets. It creates an extensive variety of kraft and reused items, for example, containerboard items, including Saturating Kraft, liner and medium, and folding carton boards. In fact, it manages 21 folded item manufacturing plants and has multicoloured printing abilities to make graphics boxes and displays.

11. Mondi

Mondi’s pulp plants convert wood into pulp, while its paper factories convert paper and pulp for reusing into undercoated fine paper and packaging paper. Its packaging paper items include containerboard and paper, and  undercoated fine paper. The organisation additionally, changes polymers, packaging papers, aluminium foils, films, and other crude materials in packaging items, for example, expulsion coatings, consumer packaging, industrial bags, packaging, and advanced materials.

12. WestRock

It is a worldwide packaging organisation concentrated on operational brilliance and client innovation. It is a merger between two driving bundling organisations, in particular, Rock-Tenn and MeadWestvaco. Furthermore, the organisation has more than 275 working and business areas around the world. 

List of top cardboard suppliers in the US

01. MeadWestvaco Corporation

MeadWestvaco Corporation is an American packaging organisation situated in Richmond, Virginia. It is a maker of packaging, speciality papers, user and office items. The Corporation had roughly 23,000 workers. In February 2006, it moved its corporate headquarter to Richmond. The company has its activities around the globe and is expertise in each shopping class.  They centre around working with brands to enable them to win by giving a superb portfolio of paper and packaging items. Moreover, the company is building phenomenal packaging solutions together. They offer worldwide execution and local expertise to a wider audience base. This in return, helps them in seamless implementation of product to the market.

02. Packaging Corporation of America

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Packaging Corporation of America is an American packaging organization situated in Lake Forest, Illinois. The organization has around 14,600 workers, with activities fundamentally in the United States. From mechanical to electrical — PCA’s group at the Rebuild Centre enter stands prepared to help. In addition, they can deal with remakes, fixes, installations, expulsions and considerably more! Regardless of whether you are searching for traditional delivery holders, uniquely printed layered boxes, custom packaging or eye-catchy retail visual displays, PCA is here to convey the correct packaging arrangement on time and on budget. The foundation of the company’s business is the solid connection between the clients and the general population. They make packaging arrangements that address their clients’ issues with esteem and quality implicit all the way.

03. Smurfit Kappa Group

The Group is Europe’s driving packaging organisation. And, it is one of the main paper-based packaging organisations on the planet. They offer an amazing arrangement of paper-packaging. Afterwards, they continually refresh with new, advertise driving developments. This offering is made much more grounded, with the advantages of the incorporation – with ideal paper structure, logistics, service timeline and the advantage of plants sourcing material from their very own paper factories. The company conveys choice in new, and creative packaging. These designs can be personalised for any item. Plus, they are constant in growing new, imaginative plans as the interest in packaging develops.

04. Crown Cork and Seal

Crown’s creative packaging solutions are appropriate to address the growing cardboard supply concern in the world. The company’s development touches the lives of billions of individuals around the globe every day. They has made a worldwide methodology that recognizes the association of each activity and function. By coordinating systems that increase the effectiveness of their thoughts, people, procedures and suppliers, they endeavour to keep complaints to a minimum level. Their committed innovation team follows great procedure to drive new item development. The final product is the packaging that is unmistakable, and proficient to deliver. In particular, it helps to reduce the measure of the time it takes to reach market.

05. USA Packaging

If you are worrying over finding the correct box for your packing? Do not worry! USA Packaging offers an extensive variety of delivery boxes that secure your prized assets. The majority of their rock solid and chemically hard edge boxes is made only for different packaging purposes. They have a secure technique which will help you with transporting your own things. USA Packaging, Inc. is a family-owned business committed to giving best quality packaging supplies at absolute bottom costs. All orders focuses on amazing customer service and a 100% satisfaction guarantee. The organisation offers one of the greatest selections of shipping and packaging items available in the Midwest. And, they can ship the items anyplace.

06. Amcor Rigid Plastics

Amcor Rigid Plastics USA, Inc. manufactures and delivers packaging answers for many leading markets in United States and Canada. The market comprises of food, beverages, pharmaceuticals, spirits, wine and beer, individual and home care. The company helps organisations – including huge numbers of the world’s best-known brands – in a home, personal care and beverages, wine and spirits, healthcare services and food to develop and flourish.  The organisation offers containers for carbonated refreshments, water, juices, teas, and sports beverages. Moreover, they have limited and wide-mouth PET compartments for dressings, oils, spreads, sauces, and different nourishment. Furthermore, it gives PET containers to pharmaceutical makers, and additionally for individual care items, for example, cleansers, creams, hair care, and different fluids. The organization was some time ago known as Amcor Pet Packaging USA, Inc. also, changed its name to Amcor Rigid Plastics USA, Inc. in March 2010.

07. US Corrugated Inc

U.S. Corrugated, Inc. is an independent packaging maker with its headquarter in the United States. Alongside its key partners, the organization works full-service producing facilities in seven states. The organisation is a solitary source answer for an entire portfolio of cardboard items. They have items including industrial box (dark coloured box), high graphic printing, interior packaging, and point-of-purchase shows. U.S. Corrugated associate organisations- U.S. Display Group and Kampack, Inc. form together to give a solitary source answer for an entire arrangement of creased items for packaging, distribution and marketing. What’s more, they have an inventive and highly experienced sales and advertising association with the know-how and skill to give creative and financially savvy packaging answers for its wide cross segment of clients and customers.

08. Uline

Uline, a family-claimed business, is the main distributor of shipping and packaging materials to organisations all through North America. Rely upon them to assemble your business, and guess what, the organisation won’t let you down. They brand items provide the best quality with the best value. In addition to that, they have simple to-utilise, 750+ page catalogue. And, they have 34,000 transportation, packaging, and industrial items, prepared to dispatch whenever the client needs.

09. Richmond 

Richmond is a best provider of cardboard boxes in the US. The organisation gets inspiration from Dan’s innovative community-base soul. With the focus on exceptional quality and service, they custom design and build items to suit your each packaging need. Regardless of whether you’re searching for a standard kraft shipping box or a full graphic point of purchase display, the organisation is reliably quicker so as to delivery than industry standards.

10. Michigan Box Company

In case you’re searching for a packaging partner, you’ve come to the ideal place. MBC is a committed supplier of the cardboard box, serving the Midwest and beyond! MBC comprises of the best innovation in cardboard market. They highlight a wide variety of capacities for a wide range of packaging.

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