23 Best Uses for Heavy Duty Cardboard Tubes

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According to leading research reports, it takes roughly 50 times more water to reuse cardboard than it does to reuse plastic? Reusing cardboard requires huge measures of water and energy so as to remove ink, re-pulp, bleach the paper, and so forth. While reusing cardboard is as yet a more environmentally friendly choice than sending it off to a dumping yard, it’s surprisingly better if you can figure out how to reuse it!

The present post will focus on reusing one cardboard item specifically, simply on the grounds that most of us will in general experience a ton of them. Cardboard tubes are one less popular cardboard items which can be used innovatively in many fashions in the craft room as well in the professional fronts.

Cardboard tubes of all sizes can be convenient for a wide variety of usages, from storing grocery bags to planting seeds, keeping boots upright to avoid creasing and much more! Plus, you can store your sharp knives securely, keep vital reports clean and give your adored hamster a fun passage to crawl through. Heavy duty cardboard tubes usually are 3 feet long, 4 inches across in the inside diameter, and around 1/4 inch thick.

Uses of Heavy Duty Cardboard Tubes (23)

With all the innovation taking place in the material technology, cardboard tubes have turned out to be something beyond the “thick sort of paper” you use to make boxes or packaging. Designers are currently exploring cardboard structures as another material in their work since besides being environment-friendly, cardboard can both be sufficiently adaptable to adjust to plan and sufficiently durable to be functional. It is an awesome material for the majority of its virtues — it very well may be as light as a feather, as hard as a board, and can be molded into any shape a creative architect can imagine. To demonstrate you exactly how cool cardboard tubes have become, we arranged a rundown of few bits of cardboard furniture pieces and ideas that are certain to stun you:

01. Make Boot Trees

One of the innovative usages of cardboard tubes is making boot trees. It will help to keep the tops of long and flexible boots from slumping over and growing ugly creases in the wardrobe, embed a cardboard tube into them to enable them to hold their shape.

02. Make a Plant Guard

It’s anything but difficult to inadvertently scar the trunk of a young tree when you are whacking weeds around it. To abstain from doing this, cut a cardboard tube in half lengthwise and tie the two parts around the trunk while you work around the tree. At that point slip it off and use it on another tree.

03. Protect Important Documents

Are you facing problems with storing all the important documents in your homes such as marriage certificates, diplomas and other crucial documents in your cedar chest? Now use the heavy duty cardboard tube to easily keep them safe and clean. Move them firmly and insert them in paper towel tubes. This will prevent creases and keep the records spotless and dry.

04. Start Seedlings

Another method of using the heavy-duty cardboard tubes is to start seedlings in them. Try not to go to the garden supply store to purchase biodegradable beginning pots for seedlings. Simply utilize the cardboard tubes from paper towels and toilet paper. Use scissors to cut all the cardboard tubes into two pots, or each paper towel tube into four. Fill a plate with the cut cylinders pressed against one another so they won’t tip when you water the seedlings. This will likewise keep them from drying out too rapidly. Presently fill each pot with the seed-beginning mix, tenderly pack it down, and sow your seeds. When you plant the seedlings, make a point to separate the side of the roll and ensure all the cardboard tube is totally covered.

05. Store Knitting Needles

Use the heavy duty cardboard tubes to keep your sewing needles from twisting and breaking. Follow the following steps: Use a long cardboard tube from kitchen foil or plastic wrap. Cover one end with cellophane tape. Squeeze the opposite end closed and secure it firmly with tape. Slide the needles in through the tape on the taped end. The tape will hold them in place for secure, and organized storage. Keeping your store knitting needles has never been so easier.

06. Organize your Office Supplies

Utilize your old cardboard tubes to make a helpful organizer for your work area! Begin by chopping tubes down to various sizes to make the stuff in the back more accessible. Arrange them into a little box and paste them into place. Brighten it however you need for an adorable and free work area organizer!

07. Preserve Kids’ Artwork

You need to save a portion of your children’s valuable fine art for posterity (or you don’t need it to clutter up the house). Essentially, move up the artwork and place it in a paper towel tube. Mark the outside with the kid’s name and date. The tubes are anything but difficult to store, and you can securely safeguard crafted by your budding young artists. Utilize this technique to hold and store your records, for example, licenses, and certificates, as well.

08. Store Cloth Napkins

Utilize cardboard tubes to easily keep your napkins from getting wrinkled. Simply spread out the napkin, put a tube along one edge, at that point roll the napkin around the cardboard tube. You can stack the rolled napkins in a closet or cupboard and they’ll remain squeezed until the point that you’re prepared to utilize them once more.

09. Make a Handy Fire Starter

Another creative method of using the heavy-duty cardboard tube is making a fire starter. Keep your cardboard tubes and transform them into convenient fire starters! Gather some dryer lint up from your lint trap and stuff it into a cardboard tube. Pile up your fire starter and some fuel, and you’ll have a thundering open-air fire in a matter of seconds! It’s a great time to have a barbecue party in the garden. We can already see you grinning.

10. Make a Bird Feeder

It’s anything but difficult to make a decent little bird feeder out of an old cardboard tube! Follow these simple steps to make one for the featured creatures. Simply spread a layer of peanut butter spread over the outside of the cylinder, at that point roll it in birdseed. Hang your bird feeder on a tree pole or the branch outside and see what types of feathered companions come along!

11. Make Gift Boxes

Transform a heavy duty cardboard tube into a little gift box! Press down on the tube to straighten it, at that point press the edges in to make the folds. Place your gifts inside, at that point tie it down with lace or string. You could likewise paint the tube in advance to make it look somewhat less cardboard!  

12. Secure Baking Mats

Utilize a heavy duty cardboard tube to keep your baking mats organized. Simply roll the mats up and slide them into a cardboard tube. You can save a ton of room by putting away them along these lines!

13. Keep Hair Tools Tidy

Are you tired of the cords of your hair tools getting tangled? Utilize a heavy duty cardboard tube to keep them composed! Simply wrap the lineup and slip it into a tube. For littler tools like flat irons, you could likewise slip the tube over both the device and the cord.

14. Organize your Stuff up

Make a simple drawer organizer for office supplies or accessories by utilizing the cardboard tube from bathroom tissue or paper towel rolls. Trim each roll with the goal that it’s marginally shorter than the stature of the drawer. Apply a dab of craft glue to the sides of the rolls to secure a few together in a group. Dab the base of each roll with craft glue and press down onto a bit of poster board trimmed to fit inside the drawer. Once set up, fill every compartment with anything that needs organizing, from hair clips and necklaces to thumbtacks and rubber bands.

15. Office Design

Adaptability is vital in today’s tiring workplaces. Heavy duty cardboard tubes can be utilized in an interesting way with regards to this sense. You can make a standing desk out of cardboard. It tends to be effectively installed and afterward dismantled and it’s the sort of desk that can adjust to essentially any workplace, enabling the user to cooperate and team up with others in a professional and comfortable way. Cardboard chairs additionally do exist in the workplace. It is made of 4 mm cardboard and is shockingly solid and strong. It has a smooth and sculptural shape and it’s loaded up with polyurethane expansion frame which expands its strength.

16. Entertain Pets

Another effective method of using a heavy duty cardboard tube is using the tubes for pets. Dogs and cats are really simple to keep involved. Make a DIY play box which will keep them engaged for quite a long time. Just plop a treat into one of the cardboard tube cartridges and watch the fun unfurl! It’s fun to be around pets.

17. Create a Masterpiece

Turn your shabby looking room for a new, colorful and vibrant look. Transform waste into treasure with a cute piece of wall art. You can create a masterpiece by cutting up a few tubes of cardboard and molding them to make sure, you can change the shaky cardboard into a point of focus for any room.

18. Fix Drafty Door

Prevent those frigid drafts from permeating into your comfortable home with the incredibly basic DIY draft stopper. All you require is two empty gift wrapping tubes and an old pair of tights to keep your heating bill low and warm your toes.

19. Make a DIY Xylophone make Some Music

Save this art for a rainy day when you and the children are stuck inside. The kiddos will love making their own one of a kind xylophone stick out on, and the best part is they’ll be active as opposed to viewing TV for quite a long time. The win-win situation for both parents and kids!

20. Create a Mystery Surprise

Is it true that you are into exotic gifts? This is the ideal thing to present to a friend or cheerful family member. The individual on the receiving end will believe they’re simply getting a container of M&M’s for Christmas, however, when they open it up they locate a nice wad of money tucked amidst a gift wrapping tube. Simply ensure you capture their priceless reaction on camera!

21. Chairs and Tables

Another inventive way of using the heavy-duty cardboard tubes is making a coffee table and lounge chairs. The coffee table and lounge chair is mostly made from the pieces of heavy-duty corrugated cardboard. These cardboard tubes are flat-packed and amassed by sliding the pieces together. It is very ingenious in its effortlessness. Suited for brief set-ups and occasions, the items are lightweight, level pressed, recyclable, and cheap. Each chair and tables are of high quality and made of Triple Wall, a three-handle folded board made of reused cardboard and fiber.

22. Storage Modules

Cardboard tube has been likewise incredible for storage yet not only in the sense of utilizing tubes to keep stuff in. Made totally of cardboard, storage modules are recyclable and, notwithstanding that, the shelves are also flexible. You can position them at different heights to compartmentalize the unit as wanted. These square modules are extremely solid and sturdy and they can be utilized to store plenty of things from books to designs, records and basically whatever else you’d typically put on a shelf or on a bookshelf. Join them together into units and they are mostly available in sets of four.

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23. Storing Clothes

There are those moments, when you haven’t begun to redesign yet you require a place to store your clothes or when you would prefer not to put a huge investment into a major closet but you’re burnt out on tossing your clothes on the chair. That is where heavy duty corrugated tubes come handy. Prepare a hanging out for storing all your used clothes. It’s simple to prepare at home, made up of cardboard and intended to keep your garments pleasant and sorted out. You can even add this to your current setup.


There are various kinds of cardboard tubes available nowadays. In our regular day to day existences, we frequently utilize numerous items which contain a tube in the middle.  

Regardless of whether you have to transport heavy duty merchandise, for example, carpets and vinyl flooring, or wrapping up a birthday present, utilizing strips of sellotape, these tubes make our lives significantly more reasonable and less stressful as well. Utilize cardboard tubes as postal tubes and also for packaging different items effortlessly and much more. Solid and completely recyclable, they are perfect for shipping and storage.

If none of the above-mentioned usages of heavy duty cardboard tubes interest you, all you can do it, just toss out that cardboard tube, recycle it. Even better, compost it—cardboard is in reality exceptionally valuable for aerating your compost.

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