Why Are Cardboard Cutouts So Expensive?

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A cut out cardboard standee is a great method to draw in potential clients in current retail locations and point of sale areas. The display standee is put in the state of an animation, a product, or a celebrity. Plus, a shape cut standee will without a doubt grab more eyeballs than promotions and publications that are consistently rectangular. Outdoor displays are generally in the form of posters or banners stuck on a wall.

So, actual life-size cardboard cut out in the shape of a film star, standing right amidst the supermarket aisle is a certain strategy to create client intrigue. Set up a shape cut showcase standee of an actor, in the present period of the digital age and you’ll presumably discover teenagers posing for selfies with the same.

Why are cardboard cutouts so expensive? Generally, the cost depends on the length and width of the cutout and incorporates the expense of the print. However, the raw materials aren’t shabby either. There is the expense of the printing machines and workforce engaged with the cardboard cutout making process.

There are three choices for making the ideal cardboard cutout you want. One of the top choices is the standard cardboard, which is ideal for indoor utilization only. Second is the foam core option which gives the sharpest picture quality to the maximum creepiness. Also, third is the corrugated plastic choice which will keep the cardboard material intact, so that you can reuse it for multiple events.

The Reason Behind Cardboard Cutouts So Expensive

The mechanism behind the cardboard cutouts pricing mostly depends on a variety of factors such as materials, text options, and shape cut display boards. Let’s read the following section to know more.

01. Materials

The raw material used for the life-size stand-up is covered cardboard. This choice is best for indoor use and requires moderate handling. For the highest print quality life sized stand, you can go for a foam core. This is a level material and gives the keenest picture quality to your life measured cutout.

If you require your life-size cutout to ensure the components or you need to reuse it for various occasions, you can use corrugated plastic. This material is similar in development to cardboard, yet is impenetrable to the components and more solid than standard cardboard. The majority of the materials is printed with UV resistant, waterproof inks on business quality inkjet printers. The life-sized cut-out won’t blur in the sun and will look incredible for a long time.

Cardboard Cutout Standees incorporates a durable stand with all life-size cutouts. Cardboard patterns and foam cutouts set-up rapidly with a forever attached stand. Corrugated plastic patterns set-up rapidly with a stand that can be expelled and re-connected. It is ideal for when you have to bring down and transport your life-size standee for public exhibitions or promotions.

02. Text Options

To make the cardboard cutout look distinct, you can also add content to your life-size standee. Speech bubbles, thought bubble, and signs can be experimented in creating more impact on the crowd. Need your life-sized pattern to incorporate a humorous quote? Print the content you need in a speech bubble, thought bubble, or sign. Or on the other hand, if you and your companions need to utilize your creativity and compose your very own messages, pick the dry erase whiteboard option for your life-size layout. Have an extraordinary time with your visitors by picking a message option.

03. Shape Cut Display Boards

A cut-out standee is a novel method to draw in potential clients in current retail locations and point of sale areas. Set up a shape cut display remain of a hero in the present time of the digital age and you’ll presumably discover youngsters posing for selfies with the cutout. What’s more, if the said film star is your product’s brand ambassador, you will, in fact, have a cost-effective marketing plan working for you. Promotional companies are progressively utilizing selfie stalls for occasions, parties, and product promotion. 

Where You Can Use Cardboard Cutouts?

01. Photo Contests

Photograph opportunities are a great way to advertise your collection of photographs. If you need to utilize your life-sized custom cutout for photography contests, go for a cardboard cutout standee. Make your life-size standee into a photograph corner with a face cutout. With a face cutout life sized stand, your companions and visitors can turn into a superhuman, a firefighter, a pilot, or even animal, or, even an alien! 

02. Graduation Parties

A graduate cardboard cutout can be the life of the graduation party. A standee of the guest of honor, welcoming individuals as they arrive is a certain method for beginning your occasion off right. Show standees of your alumni from the critical minutes in his or her life – the time they made the baseball group, took part in the school play or won the science competition. This is a certain method for getting the discussion going as loved ones remember about those extraordinary events. In any case, why stop there? Filling the room with standees of the gathering’s visitors is a fun method for memorializing the enormous occasion. Friends will have an extraordinary time with these cardboard cutouts, placing themselves in conversational groups and taking scores of ‘selfies’.

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03. Movie Star Addiction

Standees of movie stars have graced the lobbies of films for quite a long time. Human cutouts mostly appear in shopping centers, vehicle dealerships, and conference halls. You can appreciate these equivalent sorts of cutouts for any occasion or purpose you desire.

04. Anniversaries and Birthday Parties

From New Year to Christmas and all the unique day in the middle, cardboard cutouts are ideal for any event. Entertain visitors with standees of the bride and groom at a wedding. The cutouts are a good time for anniversaries and birthday parties. Let your creativity be your guide. You’ll discover the authenticity of the life-size standee is relatively amazing.

Most Marketable Cardboard Cutouts Design [Top 4 here]

01. Personalized Cardboard Cutouts

Customized cardboard cutouts stand out from the group! They are utilized to catch the eye of youngsters and grownups alike, which make them ideal for occasions for all ages, festivals, special events, wedding anniversary gifts, product launches, shows, or anyplace you need to be noticed! You should simply send the picture and you are sorted!

02. Celebrity Cardboard Cutouts

Another standalone cardboard cutout is the celebrity cutout. There is a mind-boggling range of celebrity cutouts available in the market to suit each event. The cutouts are designed to improve an occasion – to bring humor, as a reasonable joke or for photograph opportunities. What’s more, they make awesome presents for celebrity fans as well. Produced using unique photographs by best companies, all the cardboard cutouts are unique in nature and is printed utilizing only the best materials and printing methods.

03. Cartoon Lifesize Cutouts

Cartoon life size patterns make an incredible addition to kids’ rooms. With such a large number of shows and films to browse, the opportunities are endless. Children will love having their most loved characters in their rooms. Life-size cutouts resemble poster, yet is a lot more fun. Set one up in your very own space for a fun touch!

04. Lifesize Cutouts

Realistic life size cutouts add charm and interest to your home. From contemptible characters in the TV to enchanting fairy tale legends and champions, there are many choices to choose from. These will look great any place, however, differentiating the current color of the room can truly make them pop- – relatively like they’ve sprung up. 

Related Questions:

Do the cardboard cutout standees carry a guarantee?

Yes,  the companies ensure that you’ll be content with the nature of your cardboard pattern standee. Using the intuitive printing technology, they go to lengths to guarantee that the cutouts are top notch.  

What type of materials are used for making a cardboard standee?

A cardboard cutout is particularly, produced using cardboard, creased plastic, and froth board. However, the size of the cutout depends on the client demand and it can be customised based on the client interest.

How much time one needs to complete a cutout?

Usually, the time duration is directly proportional to the requirement of the client. If you want a standard size cutout, in that case, 1 business day is enough for the completion of work.

If someone orders cutouts in bulk amount, do the company offer quantity discounts?

Yes, pricing of a single cardboard cutout is notably quite different from the bulk amount orders. Moreover, you can ask for the respective companies to provide a custom quote.

How is the finish of the cutouts?

The finishing is mostly non-reflective, smooth, and semi-glossy. Companies use UV safe inks to make the standee look vibrant.


If you want to be the center of attraction in an event or put a smile on someone’s face, don’t worry. Just keep a life-size cutout standee. A life-size cutout is the best possible way to do it. From showrooms to lobbies, storefronts, and tradeshows – the possible outcomes are significantly huge! Life-size cutouts make an incredible expansion to your home. They include a fun, contemptuous touch to the rooms. No matter where they go, cardboard cutouts add a unique addition to existing decorations.

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